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The A Player University: Growing People to Grow Businesses

What if you could develop your existing team to be higher performers?


The A Player University has engaging and impactful courses, that ensure the development of high performers at all leadership levels in an extremely time-efficient manner (each course takes between 25 – 50 minutes).


The A Player University has courses specifically developed to advance the skills and growth needed for successful leadership, business acumen, accountability and culture of your business.


The A Player University will be releasing many courses vital for employee development in a cost-effective way to train your entire organization with excellence.


This online program is the only training specifically developed to grow the skills of top performers—A Players.


This specific training to help build the skills of high performers is not usually offered at even the best business schools MBA programs.

What our students are saying

“The A Player University does an excellent job of defining the traits of a true A Player and how to put those traits into practice. It is my belief that every business should use The A Player University as a 101 framework for employee orientation. I plan to use much of the A Player University content as foundational training for all new employee and supervisor training within our organization.”

Nate Reynolds

Training Manager, Palmer-Donavin

“I enjoyed the course. It’s focused and to the point.”

Shawn Richard

Vice President of Human Resources, Palmer-Donavin

“This course gives a very good succinct outline of what accountability is, and what it looks like in a company with a focus on achieving this culture of accountability at your business.”

Chris DiSilvestri

Owner, Capital Choice Office Furniture

“Complex management techniques made simple.”

Ron Calhoun

President, Palmer Donavin

“Excellent course! Very practical and high quality content. Congratulations Rick!”

Francisco Muñoz

Partner, SCORE Consulting

“I was quite skeptical at first, which is probably the B player in me, but the deeper I got into the book I really understood how each chapter was a building block to help better ourselves. There are definitely some areas I need to improve on not only at work but at home as well and this training has opened my eyes to those areas and given me a chance to better myself.”

Kent Smith

Product Manager, Palmer Donavin

“The A Player University is a great tool for any team looking to enhance or initiate a culture of accountability throughout their organization.”

Andy Wasserstrom

Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Advance Sign Group

“This a great refresher on the topic of accountability and is just enough content to provide to enough guidance for a manager on how to start holding their employees accountable by starting with a self-assessment.”

Peter Fong

Senior Vice President of Dealership Operations, NADA

“I really enjoyed the “Building Active Accountability in Your Organization” course through The A Player University. The course was challenging in that it required taking a hard look at the way our organization and myself do things. It forces you to challenge yourself and make goals to better yourself by holding you and your staff accountable.”

Ryan Hetrick

Marketing Coordinator, Capital Choice Office Furniture

“Great topic and roadmap on how to become more accountable in our personal and professional endeavors.”

Steve Park

Consultant, NADA

“Very strong info for personal development, and company growth.”

Jordan Post

Territory Manager, Seal-Rite Door

“The module was very detailed oriented about the importance of an A-Player as well as being Above and Below the Line. Excellent module and would highly recommend to anyone on a work or personal level. Thanks Rick.”

Steve Payton

Sales Consultant, Capital Choice Office Furniture

“Accountability is such an important piece to every puzzle. Whether it is within a business, a relationship or just in general day-to-day activity. I think this course does an excellent job of explaining what exactly accountability means, and what it looks like to be an accountable person in very simple, easy to understand terms.”

Kate Queen

Purchasing Specialist, Palmer-Donavin

“Challenges your activities and how they are perceived, encourages introspection, encourages commitment.”

Michael Hayes

Management Instructor, NADA

“I’ve been pushing this program aside for a long time and I’m glad I finally taken it. I actually enjoyed the video and think it will help me grow as a person and manager!”

Andy Thompson

Capital Choice Office Furniture

“Very strong info for personal development, and company growth.”

Jordan Post

Territory Manager, Seal-Rite Door

“Very good program and informational.”

Jesse Riggleman

Operations Manager, Palmer Donavin

“I find the accountability segment eye opening, we find people in our organizations that want to play the blame game and not take ownership for good or bad results. This will help me to not be as tolerant of these people and find replacements for them.”

Mark Roberts

Regional Sales Manager, Seal-Rite Door

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